4 Skincare Tricks to Get Rid Of Winter Dry Skin

Winter is here. You’ve filled your pantry with dry fruits and the freshest coffee beans, readied all your warm woolen clothes, and are ready to enjoy the cold season with everything you’ve got. However, it all turns bad when you’re confronted with a bad case of dry skin.

With bitter cold winds and low humidity levels, winter bounds to get unmerciful to your skin condition. As the temperature drops, all the moisture seems to get soaked away, especially for those who are already susceptible to dry skin round the year. Fine lines may also seem to disappear from your face, leaving a flaky, wrinkled, and cracked skin that can even bleed in the worst case scenario.

However, you no longer need to worry as we have listed out four easy and effective methods that will not only get rid of winter dry skin, but will also make your face dewy with a beautiful natural glow.

Moisturize Your Skin Religiously

Got dry skin? Apply moisturizer.

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It might seem quite easy, but trust me, to make it really effective; you need to be extremely tricky.

First of all, you need to be relentless and consistent. It’s not some easy magic to be worked over night. You need to keep a good lotion/hand cream always at your hand and apply it to the whole face plus hands or only dry patches periodically. Applying moisturizer on damp skin and then letting it dry naturally is also a good way to soak in all the moisture. Furthermore, you can also switch to heavier moisturizer for excessive dry skin patches.

Revamp Your Home and Lifestyle

We all know that heat steals all the moisture from air. If you have central heating systems installed in your home, make sure to place humidifiers at all the places which are mostly used to cancel out the maximum drying effect of the electric or gas heat.

Another thing you can do is; change your lifestyle to accommodate more healthy habits. This includes, keeping hydrated by drinking enough water, wearing gloves before going outdoors, and using soft and silky clothes to not irritate your already sensitive skin.

Add Antioxidants and Omega 3s to Your Diet

Free radicals are always the first to break your skin collagen and make it susceptible to cracking. Adding food rich in antioxidants (like blue berries, peas, and carrots) to your diet can help strengthen your skin to ward off any kind of dry spell. You can also add Omega 3s (salmon) for a little extra effect.

Direct Heat Sources Are Your Worst Enemy

Warm is good, but hot is not. Avoid sitting in front of the fireplaces, as open and direct heat sources are the quickest way to evaporate your skin moisture. You can easily steer away winter chills with the help of only thick woolen clothing. 

Moreover, hot and prolonged baths should also be avoided. Luke or moderately warm water should be used with minimal lathering soaps to keep your skin hydrated.

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