5 Tips To Save Your Skin This Winter!

Winter is upon us and that means the party season too has started. During this time we want our skin to look its best, but sadly it is during this time that our skins don’t seem to want to cooperate.  

Chances are people you see with perfect skin are actually taking care of it and that glow is a result of a meticulous skin care regime.

Image source: Pixabay.com

Here are 5 things you need to stop doing to save your skin this winter.

Take it easy on the hot showers

The best kind of indulgence for winters is hot baths and hot showers, but as innocent as they sound they can wreak havoc on your skin. Continuous exposure to hot water actually strips away the skin’s moisture, leaving it dry and prone to break outs. 

So, measure the time you spend in the bathtub and make sure to moisturize immediately afterwards.

Image soure: Pixabay.com

Those nine cups of coffee don’t count as water

Coffee is way up there for winter cravings; but as soothing as it is for the soul, it’s not exactly nourishing for your skin.

Hydration is key to keeping your skin feeling plump and supple, which means you need to take in fluids other than little shots of cappuccino. There is no replacement for water. So, make sure to drink at least the prescribed 8 glasses of water, if not more.

Overloading skin with chemicals

In the quest to moisturize our skin we tend to splurge on expensive chemical laden lotions and creams when we have a slew of natural options to choose from. 

What’s worse, these lotions may contain ingredients which cause allergies in certain people, resulting in more harm to the skin, than good. Therefore, try switching to natural skincare options such as milk and honey.

Thinking sunscreen is only for the summers

We tend to emphasize summers as the season to wear sunscreen, but did you know that sunscreen is a necessity throughout the year?

To keep your skin looking great, it’s imperative to protect it with a layer of sunscreen from all the UV rays that are still in the environment, even though it’s winter.

Continuing to stick with the summer cleanser routine

Do you often wonder why your skin isn’t responding to the work you’re putting on it?

It’s probably because you are using a skin care routine which is more suited to the summer days. Winter skin requires a heavier moisturizer to eliminate the dryness that comes with the winters.

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