Fashion Essentials: Tweed!

As a little girl you probably liked to go into your grandma’s closet and enter fashion Narnia! While that thought might make you nostalgic, it’s actually time to rummage through your grandma’s old clothes and fetch that tweed coat out.

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Yes, you heard it! Tweed is back in town and it’s here to stay. The likes of Marc Jacobs frolicked in old-school touches, fashioning large tweed coats paired with all that you find unlikely such as a delicate dress. Miu Miu’s suave, heritage tweed coats are also making waves, while Louis Vuitton step up their game with an all tweed collection.

Naturally, since this 80’s trend has been resuscitated back to life, it requires some exclusive 2018 fine-tuning so it blends right in.

How to wear Tweed this winter?


If you’re not into the big burly coats, but still want to grasp this trend; go for tweed pants. They are perfect for making your look more youthful, all the while staying in touch with the trend.

It’ll be super comfortable and you’ll be turning heads for sure. Just wear a plain shirt with it and you’re good to head out.


While you might not have seen them around much, tweed dresses are killing it. They are warm to the body, a treat to the eyes, and will scream ‘winters’ like nothing else. Pair them up with bright lipstick and slick boots, and you’ll be in the limelight all night.


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If you have a big presentation coming up, buy a tweed suit. We’re not kidding, they give off the most professional of auras, yet show that you’re as serious about your fashion sense as you are about the job. The Devil wears Tweed much?


Winter date nights can be pretty cold, but a tweed skirt can keep you cozy and your date will surely love your sense of style. They look subtle, yet very graceful for a lovely night out. Put on your favorite statement necklace along with it, and we’re sure he’ll be the one calling for a second date.

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If you’ve always secretly or openly treasured an antiquated wardrobe, go and embrace this trend in full swing and wear an over-sized tweed coat tonight!

It’s what all the models are endorsing and it’ll be the easiest buy in the market.

There are so many colors, textures and designs to choose from; just make sure you’re comfortable in whatever you flaunt off.

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