Got Frizzy Hair? We Know How To Smooth It Down!

We all know the pain of having frizzy hair. We’ve all been there, especially in the chilly weather. Spending hours styling your hair, taming it to look presentable enough, and ending up with a bird’s nest in only half an hour is a daunting process to go through on a daily basis.

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If you’ve got frizzy hair you only have two options. You either become successful in pulling it off like Hermione Granger or try to smooth it down. Because let me tell you, frizz is not curls and all the things cute. It’s an absolute nightmare and extremely unhealthy for your hair condition.

What Causes Frizzy Hair?

Before getting to the main business (y’know the secret tricks and all that), you ought to know what is actually causing your hair to look like an untamed mess.

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The most common cause of frizzy hair is lack of moisture. The dryness or any damage to the hair causes its cuticle to separate from the shaft, and let the moisture get inside and stuck. This causes the hair shaft to swell up and cause flyaway, we are all aware off.

How to Smooth Down Frizzy Hair?

Taming frizzy hair is not a rocket science; you only need to be persistent enough and a little bit smart to follow through our expert advice.

Skip Your Usual Shampoo and Use Conditioner

Though you thing otherwise, but shampooing your hair regularly isn’t written in any rule book. You can easily replace any shampoo with a good hydrating conditioner, especially the ones that contain adequate amount of glycerin.

If you can’t live without shampooing, choose one that is absolutely sulfate free, as sulfate causes your hair cuticle to break and moisture to strip away. Also make sure that your shampoo is glycerin infused and have coconut oil or shea butter incorporated in it.

Oil Treatments Can Be Useful To Reduce Flyaways

You can either use dry oil, nourishing oil, or hot oil. Oil adds moisture, so they all are useful. Though excessive use can make you look like a greasy Professor Snape (too much Harry Potter, I know!).

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While oiling your hair, always remember to start from the ends and steadily move towards the mid-shaft. Dry oil can help lock moisture in the hair and give it a spectacular hydrated and vibrant look. For hot oil therapy, you only need to warm the oil a bit and apply it to your roots for a beautiful sheen.

Let Your Hair Dry Naturally

Excessive direct heat application is one of the major causes of frizzy hair.

We know that the hair styling tools can be necessary to smooth the frizzy ends and make them straighter. However, the extreme heat can be hazardous. The temperature must be kept on minimum, i.e. 365 degree Fahrenheit and nothing more.

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Moreover, if you want to blow dry your hair, at least dry 90% of your hair beforehand. Though, letting all of you hair dry naturally wouldn’t hurt anyone either.

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