New Year’s Checklist: Don’t Make These Clothing Mistakes

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. And like every year, the party’s going to be wild!

What’s the best part about these festive nights? The countdown? Nope. Cocktails? Nah. The dancing? Well, no. The excitement that comes with the chance to flaunt off some uber chic piece of new clothing or accessory, from the up and coming fashion trends, is parallel to none.

Trends change every year. Some styles go out of fashion , while others make their way into the glam world. Here’s a list of what to wear and what not to wear, on this year’s last party!

What to Wear: Sequins and Sparkles

It’s all been about the sparkly stuff on the runways. So, bedazzling dresses and mini-dresses, jackets, heels and shoes are in it to win it.

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What better way to be the star of the night, than to shine bright in a chunky bejeweled jacket, paired with a plain shirt and fitted jeans?

What Not to Wear: Boot Cut Jeans

One of the weirdest trends of 2018, that we’d gladly leave behind: boot cut jeans are not something that’ll fit in one new year’s eve!

They’re nowhere near as sleek as skinny jeans, and they definitely aren’t as smart as flared ones. Boot cuts are just gawkily outsized.

What to Wear: Outfits That Move

Don’t be alarmed, we’re not talking about something out of Lady Gaga’s closet!

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All you need is the perfect dress, adorned with long tassels, and flowing fringes. Not only does this add glam to a bland outfit, but it also looks super gorgeous when the dancing takes center stage.

What Not to Wear: Tiny Sunglasses

While a lot of celebs may have rocked magazine looks with tiny sunglasses, that barely covered the eyes; this trend has also fallen back. And perhaps, this impracticality is the reason why these glasses aren’t going to stay.

Well, who’s going to protect our eyes from UV, right?

What to Wear: Neon

Yes, it’s back and it’s going to be big in 2019. So flaunt off some neon shades on December 31! Whether it be green pants, or a hot pink jacket; neon looks stunning, no matter how you pull it off.

If you want to be really bold, go for a jumpsuit!

What Not to Wear: Crocs

Whilst, they haven’t ever really been in the fashion books, designer crocs are also quite a mouthful. You could try adding charms to them, by putting them on block heels or making them vibrant. Yet, crocs will be crocs after all!

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