New Year’s Eve Hairstyles That Will Last Till Next Year

The clock is ticking and everyone is hella excited. Suddenly the lights go off, the long stick points towards the 12, there is confetti  everywhere, and yes the magical moment is here as everyone is kissing their loved ones. Though alas! Your painstakingly made bun falls off, just as your partner extends his arm towards you.

So unfortunate!

However, you don’t need to worry. Because we are right here with the most gorgeous and easy hairstyles that will last till next year. Pun aside; we guarantee these step-by-step hairstyle guides will help you look your absolute best on this majestic night.

Pro-tip: Don’t forget to practice your hairdo before the main event!

Do Half Up and Half Down

Even though half up’dos can be quite simple, yet they look extremely attractive. They’re convenient to make and if you just keep some bobby pins handy, you’ll never mess up your hair in the middle of a party.

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  • Brush you hair straight and back from the front. Separate the top layer of your hair in two. Keep the front section in your hand like a pony tail and leave the rest loose.
  • Now you can start twisting the portion you separated before and keep it tight to make sure it doesn’t fall off. Tuck the loose end in so that it looks like a clean small bun.  In the end, don’t forget to fix it with some bobby pins.
  • You can also braid each side separately after parting the top layer in two sections and pin each one on the opposite side.

One Can Never Resist Some Twists

Twists are another simple hairdo that will stay for longer periods of time and exactly like you styled them. For an elaborate look you can either twist your hair in multiple strands or make a high ponytail twist for more of a chic style.

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  • Damp hair are the best to start with, for a twisty hairstyle! However, your hair should be about only 10% wet.
  • Use a rat tail comb or your fingers to separate the hair in equal sections.
  • Now, divide each section further in two and start twisting them around each other.
  • Start from the up and move your way down the strands. Keep the twisting motion in the same direction.
  • When you have twisted all the way down, if your hairs are curly the edges will stay as they are. Just press them for a few seconds. Howbeit, if your hairs are dry you can use some oil or holding agent to stick up the ends.
  • Another style is making a high pony tail after combing your hair back and fixing it with a band.
  • Separate the pony tail in two sections. Now, start from the pony’s edge and twist both the sections around each down to the tail end.

Now, get all dolled up for your new year eve and enjoy!

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